History of Pasta Factory handmade Virgilio


In 1999, the future master pasta Virgilio Cucini, was sent by the restaurant where worked as an assistant chef, to buy new machinery for the production of fresh pasta. From the factory, however, Virgilio Cucini also comes with a pasta machine all to himself. The dream is open an own handmade pasta factory, even if it takes a couple of years before this dream becomes real.

On 26 March 2001, the pasta factory Virgilio opens the doors in 384 Casale street, in Turin, at the foot of the hills overlooking the city. The philosophy of the pasta factory is clear: to produce fresh pasta quality handmade, using traditional raw materials of the Piedmont. The shop is Virgilio who takes care of everything: making fresh pasta filled and not filled, serve customers, manage the premises. Within a couple of months Virgilio Cucini needs help. In 2002, the pasta factory work permanently 3 people and 3 other are called during the holidays and the peak output required from the supply contracts with restaurants and important families of big business in Turin.

Virgilio Cucini's meeting with businessman Davide Benedetto is a sign that the pasta factory is Virgilio's time to become a true handicraft business.

In 2006, the pasta factory Virgil opened the second store in Chieri, but not revealed a fairly interesting. The Chieri shop is closed and the staff relocated in the store of Casale street 384 in Turin. But 2006 is still the year of change. Virgilio Cucini is affiliated with the Slow Food movement and later named Master of Taste. This result was achieved by passing the pasta factory through a process of quality certification, which provides for special laboratory tests on the products, the general assessment of the activity and full correspondence to the quality standards required by Slow Food Association.

At the end of the process, Slow Food Association hosts the products of the pasta factory Virgilio in the many events held in his name HACCP certification ensures total safety and quality of all the ingredients included in the production process and the final product.

Meanwhile, the adventure began with the bank in the market Benefica square, in Turin, where the Pastifico Virgilio offers:

The growth of the Pasta Factory in April 2012 Virgilio leads to the opening of the second store in Turin, Brescia street 22, where there is a workshop much more spacious than Casale street, now unsuitable seen an increase in orders. In the store of Casale street remains the workshop of the sweet, the pasta factory Virgilio has meanwhile begun to produce, with the experience of Virgilio at the restaurant, where among his duties was also to prepare cakes for weddings and events family and business.

The high-quality dried pasta offers customers a product not intended for immediate consumption.

The whole wheat pasta and the vegan pasta are the answer handmade to the needs of dedicated power supplies, increasing demand from society.

Sweet, fresh and dried pasta, whole wheat pasta, vegan pasta and food products are offered to the many events in which the pasta factory Virgilio is increasingly being invited. Among these, we note Messer Tulipano at Pralormo Castle, near Turin, where Virgilio Cucini coordinates still a series of meetings and seminars on taste, which often end with a tasting of the products prepared "live" during the events . In this well-established collaboration joins participation in the Trade Fair of San Martino di Chieri (To) and the Trade Fair Topics of Slow Food, better known as the Salone del Gusto in Turin, tasting and sale of handicrafts Earth Markets.

It's 2013 veterinary clearance with CEE mark required for sale in shops and businesses in the European Community.

Among the high-quality restaurants served the pasta factory Virgilio now report that Hotel Sitea, Monferrato and the Solferino in Turin, the restaurant of gardens in the Royal Palace of Venaria, Artis Opera di Superga, Bel Doit Baldissero Torinese.

Between employees and the Pasta Factory Virgilio now has ten people. The work of master pasta maker, Virgilio Cucini also works as a teacher in institutions that deal with education and training for the personnel involved in the production and packaging of fresh pasta and more. At the Elementary School Georgio Catti San Mauro Torinese Virgilio has taught a course on proper nutrition and the fight against waste.

This latter issue is very dear to the pasta factory Virgilio, every night, as a further guarantee of how the dough is always fresh, donates surplus product to non-profit organizations committed to supporting the weaker sections of the population.