Pastificio Virgilio

Pastificio Virgilio - Pasta Factory since 2001

Fresh Pasta, artisanal pasta, whole pasta and gastronomy in Turin

Ingredients selected from the Piedmont area for a quality cuisine that guarantees the pleasure of taste and the authenticity of nourishment
master of taste slow food maestri del gusto slow food

Product Line for the foodservice and distribution

Fresh Frozen Artisanal Pasta made in our Pasta Factory

Find out more about our product, made with the best selection of ingredients from the Piedmont Region

artisans by heart artigiani per passione
Our Team
Plate of Pasta | Piatto di Pasta
Our Pasta
nostri pastifici

Why Chose Pastificio Virgilio

  • Improve food control

    You are now able to have perfect control on food consistency through out the making and to better manage your food costs as you are able to best manage wastage.

  • Work with Awarded Artisan Masters

    Pastificio Virgilio is recognised as the highest level in the artisanal pasta industry. Our Pasta Factory is Awarded Master of Taste from Slow Food.

  • Suitable to all guests needs

    We are able to fulfil guests needs with one solution without compromising in terms of quality and taste. Our products are gluten free, lactose free and we have great vegan and vegetarian options.

  • -18 Fresh Frozen

    s the best way to preserve the product at the highest quality, allowing artisanal process without adding any preservatives. All the organoleptic characteristics (colour, taste and smell) remain unchanged for 12 months.


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"Truly an exceptional product"
Antonio Marino Chef
Marino D'antonio
Executive Chef @Swire Hotels