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Fresh Frozen Pasta
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Gluten Free Frozen Pasta
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Bronze Drawn Artisanal Pasta
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Special Products

-18°C Fresh Frozen Pasta

“ Research, genius and professionalism blended together in harmony. Like our artisanal pasta.”
Pasta Artisan Chef | Maestro Pastaio
Pasquale Bracciale
Pastificio Virgilio Artisan Master

Deep-freezing is the best way to preserve the product, allowing artisanal processing without the addition of food preservatives or heat treatments in order to extend the shelf life. Freezing maintain its nutritional and organoleptic (smell, colour and taste) characteristics remain unchanged.

With frozen pasta products the distribution chain has lower possibility of microbial proliferation.  A further guarantee is given by the fact that frozen pasta products are never unpacked during distribution, this protects them from any type of contamination. The frozen pasta is distributed in polypropylene packs at a temperature of -18C using a cold chain logistic with a controlled temperature. 

Our pasta is made with the best ingredients from the Piedmont region. We strictly use ancient artisanal process and we are awarded from Turnin chamber of commerce and Slow food as Master of Taste for several years now.

-18°C Gluten Free Artisanal Pasta

Virgilio’s Gluten free artisanal pasta it’s digested better and in a quicker way compared with regular pasta. It is therefore recommended for all those who have the need be  active and sharp right after the meal. The product is therefore suitable to everyone, not only to celiacs or those who suffer from food intolerance.

The product line of ravioli pasta in the standard and mignon format includes different types fillings:

  • Artisanal ravioli pasta – lactose-free meat
  • Artisanal ravioli pasta – porcini mushroom
  • Artisanal ravioli pasta – asparagus and shrimp
  • Artisanal ravioli pasta – light or magro (ricotta and spinach)
  • Artisanal ravioli pasta – artichokes

Our filings are not only selected for the absence of gluten but also for their quality and every raw material necessary for the filing is subjected to a visual and structural selection to verify the integrity of the product, and to note that there are no contamination from external agents.

Bronze draw - Slow Dried Artisanal Pasta

"It keeps the properties and nutrients of raw materials unchanged"
Pasta Artisan Chef | Maestra Pastaia
Daniela Calvio
Pastificio Virgilio Artisan Master

Our dry artisanal pasta is bronze drawn as per the Italian Artisanal tradition. Bronze-cut artisanal pastas are a little coarser, more porous—and, thus, a better surface for sauces to cling to. The slow drying allows to obtain a product that maintains the properties and nutrients of datum wheat unaltered. 

The care and the time that goes into making our artisanal pasta actually makes for a more delicious product, and absolutely a must try. We wish everyone can have the chance to try our pasta in their life.

Special Frozen Pasta Products

"We know how to use local products following the Piedmontese stuffed pasta tradition, but we’ve also being able to innovate by refreshing flavor with exotic ingredients creating elegant combinations"
Chef Luca Quaregna
Luca Quaregna
Pastificio Virgilio Head Chef

We are able to create ad hoc formulations, based on the customer’s needs. Production flexibility allows us to formulate products with specific characteristics, or with particular ingredients. In our collaborations we try to priories the selection of ingredients from our territory and recipes that create unique combination of flavours.